Mission: To inspire, empower and unify community through art.

We are a collective of musicians, performers, artists, writers & friends who are devoted to a common vision, to use our own unique super powers for good. We each use the things we are good at, the things we are irrationally dedicated to in our hearts, to change and impact lives for the better. Every single person has a super power and people with passion can change the world.


vincent Detrick ~ Lead Artist

Vincent is one of our lead artists. He is a highly skilled jeweler by trade and an amazing visual artist. Chalk art and live model painting are just a few of my favorite things Vincent does at MI. He is always ready to help with anything that needs accomplished, always encouraging and optimistic and is dedicated to his creative contributions to BeSpeak, our monthly poetry event every 3rd humpday. 


Charles Hartman ~ Music & Events

Charles is a great musician and vocalist for Dayton local band OldNews. Charles helps MI plan our amazing events and finds amazingly talented musicians to pair with our visual and performance arts at show openings. He is a strong advocate for Dayton, dedicated to serving his community through music. OldNews are C.Hartman, Scott Cumpston, and Casey Abbott of Dayton, Ohio. Performing original tunes with their three guitars and unique voices; they've taken songs they've crafted individually over time and together bring them new life. Many contributing artists from a variety of local acts join OldNews during their live performances making each experience a unique one. Click the link below for more info.


Rob Spahr ~ Extraordinary guy

Rob is one of my best friends and one of the best people I know! His strong leadership ability and excellent problem solving skills come second only to his amazingly huge heart and capacity to dream big. His ideas and advice have helped define MI's distinct and modern approach to serving community. He is a musician and base player for OldNews and plays in the worship service at his local church every Sunday.



Cathy Gardner, Board President

Cathy Gardner of Beavercreek who has been an English and Hebrew calligrapher for most of her life, is the Executive Vice President of The Jewish Federation of Greater Dayton and Chair of MI’s board of directors. Ten years ago, while living in Tampa, she became interested in mosaic tile as a way to decorate a mannequin she’d found at a department store display sale. She took mosaic classes in California and when she moved to Dayton from Tampa in 2012, her interest in the art form crossed her path with Dayton mosaic artist, Jes McMillan.

“What I discovered was a truly inspirational artist using mosaic as her medium of expression,” Gardner said. “We talked about how hard it was to find mosaic classes and got excited that someday she would open her own institute. Her Mosaic Institute of Greater Dayton was born through her own tenacity, resourcefulness and creativity. Jes is amazingly creative and 110 percent committed to making this work.”