Dear Artists,

We welcome you to take advantage of the many wonderful opportunities for artists at The Mosaic Institute of Greater Dayton. Being a working artist for over 17 years has taught me the importance of celebrating and promoting Artists! And to respectfully cultivate a means for them to share their unique artistic passions with others while building their own names. Teaching Artists start at $20 per hour and we welcome Artists to submit class ideas. The Mosaic Institute offers open studio space with scheduled availability to teaching Artists and does not charge any fees associated with private lessons.

If you are interested in becoming one of our teaching artists please email resume and photos of your work along with info on each piece (title, size, medium, etc.) to


The Mosaic Institute's 4000 square foot gallery rotates shows about every other month and celebrates each show with an artist reception. We are a 100% of the sale goes to artist gallery and proud of it! This approach allows us to attract artists of all levels. All of our opening receptions are paired with music & performance arts. We would be honored to accept your artwork as part of a collaborative or individual show inspired by our show themes OR you may submit a show proposal to MIartshow@gmail

Please send artwork submissions to

The next scheduled show themes and dates are:

LIFE ~ Show will open April 23rd & will close June 18th. Opening reception is April 23rd, 7p - 11p.

This show will Feature Photographer Jim Shirley ~ Living Wall Botanical Art works ~ And Paintings

THRIVING ARTISTS SHOW ~ Show will open July 9th & will close Sept 17th . Opening reception is July 9th, 7p - 11p.

The theme for this show is wide open. Any media and/or subject of artworks will be considered for this show. ALL PIECES MUST BE PRICED AT A MAX of $60 - ARTISTS GET 100% of artwork sales in this show. Selected artists must pay a (one time) fee of $10 to enter pre-approved artworks.

HALLOWEEN SHOW  ~   Show will open Oct 1st and will close Oct 29th. Opening reception is Oct 1st, 7p - 11p.

This show will Feature Gruesome Sculpture Art by Erica Blackstock, Taxidermy Art by Josh Hydler &  Creeptastic Paintings by Sally Vlodeman

AMERICANA  ~   Show will open Nov 12th and will close Dec 30th. Opening reception is Nov 12th, 7p - 11p.

This show will Feature American Ethnicity Photography by Lloyd Green & American Landscape Photography by Micheal Jacob Waite

The opening reception is Western themed ~ Attendees are encouraged to dress in fashions of the Wild West era. 

Thanks for checking in with us! We hope to hear from you soon!


Jes McMillan