Porcelain Tile Mosaics


Porcelain Tile Mosaics


Saturday Feb 23rd

10am to 3p

In this Mosaic Art class you will break and use porcelain tiles and pottery/ceramics to create a mosaic masterpiece on a 12 inch x 12 inch (1 square foot) wood panel. Designs using shapes, abstracts or landscape themes are recommended subjects for this class. Students are encouraged to bring any favored broken dishes or tile, etc. to personalize their pieces.

The class starts at 10am with a break for lunch (about an hour) around noon. We have over 2 dozen restaurants to choose from on Brown Street in close proximity. We will continue the class after lunch break for another 2 hour session.

Our Porcelain Tile Mosaic class is a level 2 class which means attending a Beginners Mosaic Class is suggested but not required. Keep in mind it takes decent arm strength to cut up the porcelain.

• All materials will be provided and are included in class fee.

• Leave your piece to dry and we will grout it for you. Pick-up finished mosaics the following Saturday!

•Signups must be made 3 days prior to class to confirm your spot.

•No refunds are given for classes as materials are purchased and prepared ahead of time for you. Rescheduling possible (within 30 days) for schedule conflicts.

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